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The Cadet Colleges being managed by the Provincial Governments are obviously not in a position to meet ever increasing demand of people of Pakistan. With the aim of augmenting Government efforts of providing quality education as a welfare measure and based on increasing desire and demands of parents, Baqai Cadet College was established by Baqai Foundation in the year 2000 and regular academic session commenced in April 2001. The establishment of Baqai Cadet College, in private sector, was in fact, a historical event being the first of its kind in the country; for which Baqai Foundation, under the able, selfless and dynamic leadership of Prof. Dr. F. U. Baqai, deserves all out appreciation. Baqai Foundation as a welfare organization is committed to provide health care and educational services on self-help basis without any financial assistance from the Government, NGOs or any other agency. The Foundation has already established Baqai Medical University and a number of institutions of higher learning as well as health care units in manifestation of its commitment. Baqai Cadet College is yet another valuable gift of Baqai Foundation.

The College is fully residential institution planned to cater for education from Class VIII to XII (Pre-engineering and Pre-medical groups). It is equipped with all facilities required for intellectual and physical development of young students. The integrated concept of education is followed with greater interaction between students and faculty members. The College education and training is all embracing activity ranging from classrooms to play-fields, play fields to rostrum, rostrum to pen, pen to computer and from computer to interest in acquisition of modern knowledge and new experience. The College provides education, training and counseling in all fields of life. Nominated members of the faculty remain on duty to supervise all activities from morning to bed-time. Cadets’ daily routine covers all activities including Morning fall- in, Fajar prayer, PT, Breakfast, Assembly, Academic session, Extra classes, Private study period, Games and Night fall-in.


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