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In order to achieve the mission assigned; following objectives have been set:

  1. Development of personal qualities like honesty, integrity, loyalty, and responsibility through appreciation, affection, reward and indoctrination by the teachers.
  2. Development of individual qualities like cooperation, mannerism, and emotional stability by proper guidance, counseling and motivating both inside and outside the classroom.
  3. Development of leadership qualities like determination, initiative, self confidence, power of judgment and decision by providing opportunities to hold appointments like Class-Monitor, Prefect, Cadet Captain and Incharge of various societies / clubs.
  4. Development of sense of pride, excellence and achievement through healthy competition between individuals and Houses.
  5. Inculcation of patriotism, Islamic values and culture through lectures, seminars and daily prayers routine.
  6. Development of power of expression and dynamism in daily life through debates, dramas, declamations, excursions and study tours/visits.
  7. Detection and elimination of negative traits of personality like selfishness, cheating, and insubordination by constant watch, counseling and adoption of corrective measures.



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