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  1. No visitors are allowed to see cadets in or outside the classroom except with the permission of the Principal/ Vice Principal in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Cadets are not allowed to go out of college premises except as per routine laid down for the purpose.
  3. Formation of any students/teachers union is prohibited.
  4. Edible items of any type including cold drinks, dry fruit or nuts, etc., are not permitted in the hostel.
  5. Use of Supari (Challia)/ Guttka/ Naswar/ Cigarette is strictly prohibited. Similarly, the cadets are not allowed to keep Mobile Phone/ Laptop, etc. In case a cadet is found even in possession of any of the said items, he shall be subjected to thorough investigation and if found guilty, shall be awarded appropriate punishment including forfeiture of his Security Deposit with immediate effect.

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