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A sum of Rs. 100/- per week as pocket money is paid to the cadets by the College.  Cadets are not allowed to keep cash money in excess of Rs.500/= in the dormitories or in self possession. Parents/ guardians are, therefore, advised not to give cash money over and above this amount. In extreme compulsion/ requirement, excess amount be deposited with the authorized staff for safe custody and withdrawal as and when required. A record of such transactions shall be maintained by the staff concerned. Violations of these instructions shall be a punishable offense and loss, if any, so occurred, shall be the owner’s responsibility.


 Cadets will not be entitled to receive pocket money under following conditions:

  1. Non-payment of college dues.
  2. Reporting late from long weekend / vacation or leave, regardless of prior approval and any genuine grounds.
  • Availing leave other than the scheduled.
  1. Award of punishment by the Principal for committing an offence.
  2. Un-authorized absence after Summer vacation / Winter break / Long week-end and other holidays, also absence / leave over 3 days during the current week.

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